Into the Planet

Into the Planet

February 14, 2022
Surface Interval

As I’ve been making a valiant effort to convince Mother Nature to shorten the winter season so I could get back to the ocean faster, I stumbled upon this book. I didn’t know what to expect but with just the first line“If I die, it will be the most glorious place that nobody has ever seen” I was hooked. From that point on I found myself living the memories of Jill Heinerth as she recollected with such illustrative gusto.

“There comes a moment when you’re confronted by fear when you have to make a choice. Surrender, or fight. And in that moment of clarity, we find what we’re made of.”

A bit about the author:

Jill Heinerth is one of the greatest explorers of our times. Breaking free to feed her inner explorer, Heinerth has become a respected scuba diver, accomplished author, and acclaimed photographer and filmmaker. While reflecting upon the moments that brought her to fulfilling her calling of a full-time explorer, she takes us along a ride of interwoven expeditions and both personal and professional perseverance.

While reading, I couldn’t help but be swept up by the way she put into words what it meant to have an explorer’s soul. From the way she wrote about her more formative experiences to how they made her who she is now, I found myself not only following her journey but also reinvigorating my inner explorer. But what I find more striking than the incredible dives she describes is the way she doesn’t shy away from the invigorating and heartbreaking reality of pushing limits in both her diving and personal life. In doing this I found myself empathizing and feeling as if the book was holding up a mirror to me and forcing me to confront questions about my own diving practices, life choices, and anything else in between.