May 4-8 Golden Week Trip

May 4-8 Golden Week Trip

Mar 7, 2022 3:01 PM
Scuba Trip
Confined Session
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May 4, 2022 → May 8, 2022

Event Description

Welcome to our first trip of the year. We are considering to go to Ishigakijima to have the chance to see our mascot, the Manta Ray.

I used to work on the island, and so am very familiar with the sites and our lovely hosts.

In the evenings we can relax around Kabira, or take the opportunity to explore the island a little bit. There are some places to get very good gelato ice cream.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

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Corona Countermeasures

  1. Wear a Mask
  2. Use Hand Sanitizer
  3. Social Distancing Consistantly

Event Description


Fly in: 4th of May (earlier is okay)

5th - 2 Dives then lunch 6th - 2 Dives then Lunch 7th - 2 dives then Lunch

Fly out: 8th afternoon


Budget for 44187 (tax included)

Calculation Includes

  • 2 Dives a day * 3 days

Not Included

  • Accommodation: At cost (around 6000) [We will organize]
  • Transportation: Please book your own flight
  • Food: Dinner + Breakfast (included in accommodation)
  • Rental Gear (Full set): 5,000 (a day)

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