Jun 11-12 Shobuzawa [Start of Summer]

Jun 11-12 Shobuzawa [Start of Summer]

Mar 7, 2022 3:12 PM
Fun Diving
Confined Session
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June 11, 2022 → June 12, 2022

Event Description

Shobuzawa (菖蒲沢) is a fantastic location for all ocean lovers, from your scuba divers to your snorkelers. The beach entry is directly in front of the shop and if you’re feeling like a deep sea explorer a wreck is accessible by boat. No matter the site you will be welcomed by a large array of sea life. For the underwater photographers, you’ll have plenty of littler critters to take action shots of. Not only do we have access to beach and boat diving, night diving is also possible.

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Looking forward to seeing you there!

Dive Shop


Event Description

Meeting Point : Shibuya Exit C2

Time: 6:15 am



  • Meet at Shibuya
  • 1 Boat Dive and 1 Shore dive and then lunch
  • BBQ Dinner


  • 1 Boat Dive and 1 Shore dive
  • Lunch
  • In Shibuya by 10pm (depending on traffic)


Budget for 45320

Calculation Includes

  • Diving
  • Accommodation: At cost
  • Transportation: Car-pooling is offered by us by opt in (Train also works)

Not Included

  • Rental Gear (Full set): 8,000円
  • Food

Waiting List

We are fully booked so this is now a form for the waiting list