Aug 20-21 Open Water Course

Aug 20-21 Open Water Course

Mar 7, 2022 3:54 PM
CoursesOpen Water Course
Confined Session
August 13, 2022
Course Type
Open Water
August 20, 2022 → August 21, 2022

Course Description

The OW course is geared to making you a capable scuba diver so that you can focus on the aquatic opposed to being nervous about how you gear works. Let us take you into the water and you'll never be the same. Beyond the gear and the fish, Scuba Diving will unlock doors to remote places to see incredible things with like-minded people. Go to remote islands or even dive over the weekend and you'll feel meditative every time.

Course Length: 3 Days E-Learning: Done before the diving Confined: One Day in the Pool Open Water: Weekend Trip at Dive Shop

For more information: Check out the page below


Budget for 75000

Calculation Includes

  • E-Learning
  • Confined Water Dive - Daytrip
  • Open Water Dives - Weekend
  • Rental Gear for the 3 days

Not Included

  • Accommodation (around 7,000円)
  • Transportation

Course Itinerary

3 Steps to get your license

  1. E-learning - Diving Theory to learn more behind the sport
  2. Confined Dives - Session to get comfortable with the gear
  3. Open Water Dives - Time to look for some fish 🐠

Aug 6th - Confined Open Water

Meeting Point: Yugawara Station

Time: 9:00 am → 6:00 pm

Access: Once exiting Yugawara station, it is less than a 5 min walk to the pool.

Aug 20-21 Open Water Diving Weekend

Meeting Point: Shishihama Diving Service

Time: 9:30

Accommodation: Please arrange yourself around Numazu

Access: From Numazu Station, it is a 15 minute cab ride to the dive shop

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