Advanced Open Water Course

Advanced Open Water Course

The best way to observe a fish is to become a fish.

The Advanced Open Water Diver Course is about advancing your diving skills in order to continue exploring the big blue, extending dive time, and much more! While we hone your diving skills, you’ll be exploring a variety of dive sites and meeting like-minded people.

Take This Course If You Want to:

  • Gain more diving experience
  • Dive up to 30m
  • Practice navigation
  • Try your fins (hand) at different types of diving

Specialties Offered:

  • Wreck
  • Deep
  • Night
  • Boat
  • Drift
  • Drysuit*
    • only during drysuit season*
  • Search and Recovery
  • Fish Identification
  • Peak Performance
  • Digital Underwater Imaging **
    • must have own camera**

Why Tokyo Divers?

  1. Japan - It is an absolutely beautiful country to learn how to dive. With so many sites accessible at our backdoor, there are perks to being an island. Don't believe me? Check our
    Dive Sites
  2. Weekends - You don't need a day off to learn, in as little as three days over two weekends, we can get you a diving license that opens doors everywhere. (If you want to do a consecutive class, please reach out to us)
  3. Community - We are an english diving shop here in Tokyo eager to take you diving but also provide the opportunity to meet people in this city. Make buddies both below and above the water

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Come join us on an underwater adventure toward becoming a confident, safe, and comfortable diver.

How to Become an Advanced Open Water Diver

  1. eLearning
  • First things first, you’ll get started with eLearning. Here you will familiarize yourself with dive theory and interactive lessons about popular diving specialties. You will also study more in-depth, deep, and navigation diving plus three specialties of your choosing.
  • Between 6-8 hours
  1. With your Instructor
  • You’ll be going on 5 dives: a deep dive (below 18 m), a navigation dive, and three specialty dives of your choosing. Through these dives, you’ll inherently be gaining experience, building your confidence, and most importantly discovering new diving skills.
  • Time commitment: 2 days
  • Minimum age: 12 years or older
  • Depth: 21 meters (during the course)


  • Must have an Open Water Certification or equivalent
  • Minimum age 18 or 10 with parental consent

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