Dive Center

Dive Center

This is the central online hub for the scuba diving and free diving group of Tokyo Divers. Tokyo divers, is a community based diving group, based in tokyo catering towards to all sea lovers. We specialize in

  • Recreational Scuba Divers
  • Recreational Free Divers
  • Those we are hoping to learn how to Free/Scuba dive
  • Providing an english based activity club

Team Members



Freediving / Scuba instructor

Newly certified as a freediving instructor. I am eager to improve across disciplines and introduce beginners to the beauty of our ocean planet.



Scuba Diving Instructor

A professional scuba diving instructor through and through. Having worked in the Philippines and now in Tokyo, I cater to divers of all styles



Dive Master

A ball of energy like no other, I strive to make diving accessible for beginners in a relaxed environment. Don’t race me though or you’ll be eating bubbles